The Evolution of TIAL

The Innovation Academy Limited (TIAL) evolved from the crucibles of core development economics/entrepreneurship development thought and practice but with a strong belief in the need for continuous development of new ideas and products by small and medium enterprises for sustained income growth, wealth creation and poverty reduction.

Registered in Nigeria in 2014, TIAL parades a Board with multidisciplinary expertise ranging from agriculture, technology, informatics, development economics, nutrition and dietetics, business management/marketing, business analysis and entrepreneurship. Apart from their core disciplinary focus, they have had very wide ranging and deep experience in many areas.

Our Conviction and Core Beliefs

SMEs are touted as the most potent vehicle to achieve rapid socioeconomic development and growth in Africa. There is no doubt that these enterprises are ubiquitous, and their owners posses vital skills and knowledge, but the profitable application of this knowledge is often constrained by inability to take risks to develop and market new products. Whereas opportunities abound everywhere, not all persons can take advantage of them.

Besides, their ability to create new things remain shackled by trepid thought patterns and limited world view, in addition to the classic problem of lack of funds.